JBA : Borneo Akcaya Journal  Number 2356-136X (print media) and Number 2685-5100 (online media) published by the West Kalimantan Provincial Research and Development Agency. The Borneo Akcaya Journal contains scientific papers resulting from research and the results of literature reviews within the scope of public policy that have not been published or published by other journals. This journal contains about Regional Autonomy and Political Bureaucracy, Politics and Public Administration, Government Administration and Rural Government, Population and Administration General, Regional Innovation, Fiscal Policy, Health, Education and Culture, Regional Economic Development, Other Fields related to Regional Public Policy. This journal can be used by bureaucracy, researchers, practitioners, academics and the general public. The Borneo Akcaya Journal is published twice a year, every June and December. Based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology Number 105/E/KPT/2022 , April 7 2022 regarding the Accreditation Ranking of Scientific Journals Period I 2022 stated that the Borneo Akcaya Journal: Public Service Research and Development Journal with  SINTA 4 Accreditation

Vol 9 No 2 (2023): Borneo Akcaya : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pelayanan Publik

Praise be to the presence of God Almighty, in December 2023 the West Kalimantan Provincial Research and Development Agency will again publish the Borneo Akcaya Journal with Volume 9 Number 2, December 2023 Edition. The publication of this edition of the Borneo Akcaya Journal is an effort of the West Kalimantan Provincial Research and Development Agency to be actively involved in publishing research results so that they can be widely known and utilized by the public.
In this June edition there are 10 (ten) articles, namely: The Effectiveness of E-Wom in Predicting Interest in Visiting Pontianak City, Harmonization of Life Between Ethnic Groups Through Coffee Shops and Its Implications for the Regional Resilience of Pontianak City, Leading Sectors, Inequality and Feasibility of Expanding Kapuas Raya from West Kalimantan, Open Defecation Behavior and Water Sanitation as Risk Factors for Stunting, Evaluation of Antihypertensive Treatment in Pre-Eclampsia Patients at PKU Muhammadiyah Islamic Hospital Pekajangan, Effectiveness of Audiovisual Counseling on Handwashing Knowledge of Health Workers at Tanjungpura University Hospital Pontianak, Satisfaction Consumers of Horticultural Plant Seeds at UMKM Wana Agro Lestari, Pontianak City, Evaluation of the Provision of Education by Pediatricians to Parents Through Effective Communication, Concept for the Development of Historical Tourism in Juang City in Ketapang Regency, Implementation of the Acceleration Policy for Reducing Stunting in Cirebon City
The ten articles presented in this edition also contain policy suggestions related to 5 (five) issues, namely social, technological, economic, health and agricultural issues.
Finally, we would like to thank the manuscript writers and all parties involved in the publication of the December 2023 edition of the Borneo Akcaya Journal. We hope that the treats presented on each page of this journal can bring benefits to readers.

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Cover Vol 9 No 2 Tahun 2023

Tim Redaksi Desember Tahun 2023

Published: 2024-01-15

The Effectivity of E-WOM In Predicting Visit Intention to Pontianak City

Bahasa Indonesia

Rianti Ardana Reswari, Muchammad Ariffin, Puty Febriasari Prasetyo, Thea Geneveva Josephine Jesajas, Windi Pratiwi



Muhammad Jamalludin, Elly Trisnawati, Otik Widiyastutik, Ismael Saleh



Afiryal Nabila, Ekanita Desiani, Henry Budiawan Prasetya, Avina Firliyani Vanesha


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